Mastering the Escape: A Guide to Teching Throws in Tekken 7

Throws are a fundamental part of Tekken 7’s gameplay, offering a way to overpower your opponent and land a guaranteed damaging combo. But fear not, there’s a defensive option at your disposal: throw teching.

What is Throw Teching?

Throw teching is the act of escaping a throw by pressing the correct button during the throw’s animation. A successful tech will interrupt the throw and push you away from your opponent, leaving you in a neutral position.

How to Tech Throws:

There are two main types of throws in Tekken 7:

  • Generic throws: These are the standard throws performed by all characters. To tech a generic throw, press either 1 or 2 (depending on PlayStation notation) as soon as you see the throw animation begin.

  • Command throws: These are special throws unique to each character, often requiring specific button presses to initiate. To tech a command throw, you need to identify the throw’s break input (usually 1, 2, 1+2, or a specific direction). Look for visual cues like the character’s stance or hand animation to determine the break input.

Here are some general tips for improving your throw teching:

  • Practice in Training Mode: Set the training dummy to record throw attempts and practice reacting to the throw animation. Gradually increase the throw speed as you get better.

  • Focus on Visuals: Don’t try to react to the button press of your opponent. Instead, train yourself to recognize the throw’s startup animation (the grab itself).

  • Don’t Overreact: Button mashing can lead to accidental throws in Tekken 7. Time your button press for the throw break and avoid hitting buttons randomly.

  • Learn Your Opponent: As you play against different characters, pay attention to their throws and their typical throw setups. This will help you anticipate throws and improve your tech timing.

Beyond the Basics:

While teching throws is a core defensive skill, there’s more to mastering throws in Tekken 7. You can also explore advanced concepts like:

  • Throw OS (Option Select): A risky but rewarding technique where you attempt a throw while also covering yourself for a potential throw break attempt from your opponent.

  • Throw Frame Data: Understanding the startup frames of throws can help you develop strategies to whiff punish throws (punishing an opponent’s whiffed attack) or create your own throw setups

Remember, mastering throws is a journey, and consistent practice is key to success. With dedication and these tips, you’ll be teching throws out of instinct and turning the tide of battle in Tekken 7!

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