Teching in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: A Comprehensive Guide


Welcome, fellow Smashers! In the chaotic and exhilarating world of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, mastering defensive techniques is crucial to secure victory. One such fundamental skill is “teching.” In this guide, we’ll explore the ins and outs of teching, providing you with actionable tips to level up your defensive game.

Understanding Teching Basics

H1: Demystifying Teching Mechanics

Teching is the act of executing an advanced recovery move upon being launched into a surface, preventing a follow-up attack. Understanding the mechanics of teching is the first step towards incorporating it into your gameplay.

H2: Recognizing Situations for Teching

Not every knockback scenario requires a tech. Learn to recognize situations where teching is essential, such as when hit against walls or platforms, to regain control swiftly.

Developing Precision in Teching

H3: Practice in Training Mode

Precision is paramount in thetech We’ll delve into specific drills you can perform in Training Mode to hone your teching skills, ensuring you can execute it flawlessly during intense matches.

H4: Mastering the Timing

Teching relies heavily on timing. Explore techniques to perfect your timing, allowing you to consistently execute successful techs regardless of the character you’re playing.

Defensive Strategies for Teching

H5: Understanding Directional Influence (DI)

Directional Influence plays a crucial role in teching. Learn how to utilize DI effectively to control the direction in which your character techs, gaining a strategic advantage.

H6: Edge Teching and Wall Teching

Discover the nuances of edge teching and wall teching, specialized techniques essential for recovering near edges and walls. These techniques can be game-changers in intense battles.

Advanced Teching Techniques

H7: Stacking Tech Options

Stacking tech options involves covering multiple tech scenarios simultaneously. We’ll explore advanced techniques to keep your opponents guessing and increase your survivability.

H8: Platform Tech Chase

Mastery of platform tech chasing allows you to seamlessly transition from a tech to a counterattack. Learn how to turn a defensive move into an offensive opportunity.

Character-Specific Teching

H9: Adapting Teching to Your Main

Each character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has unique properties. Tailor your teching strategy to the specific attributes of your main, maximizing your defensive capabilities.

H10: Recognizing Character-Specific Scenarios

Different characters may require different teching approaches. Recognize character-specific scenarios where adjusting your tech strategy is crucial for survival.

Real-Time Application

H11: Translating Teching to Live Matches

Executing techs in the heat of battle is the true test. We’ll discuss strategies to seamlessly integrate teching into live matches, ensuring your defensive skills shine when it matters most.

H12: Recovering from Failed Techs

Mistakes happen, even to the best players. Learn how to recover gracefully from failed tech attempts, turning potential setbacks into opportunities for strategic comebacks.


Congratulations! You’ve taken the first steps towards mastering the art of teching in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Remember, practice is the key to perfection, so hit those training sessions and watch your defensive game reach new heights.

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