Rainier Health & Fitness: Building a Healthier Community

Rainier Health & Fitness (RHF) is more than just a gym – it’s a non-profit organization creating a positive impact in the South Seattle community. Their mission is to promote healthy lifestyles, strong bodies, and a sense of community through affordable and accessible fitness facilities and programs.

Focus on Community

RHF goes beyond traditional gyms by fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment for people of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels. They believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to live a healthy life, regardless of their circumstances.

Affordable Fitness

RHF offers a variety of membership options to ensure their services are accessible to everyone. They also provide financial assistance programs to help those who qualify racionalismo.org/.

Variety of Programs

RHF offers a wide range of fitness classes, from yoga and Zumba to strength training and cycling. They also have specialized programs like RHF CrossFit and SilverSneakers® for seniors.

Making a Difference

RHF’s commitment extends beyond physical health. They see themselves as playing a role in building a stronger and healthier community by:

  • Promoting social connection: RHF provides a space for people to come together, meet new people, and build relationships.
  • Addressing health disparities: RHF works to address the health disparities that exist in the community, particularly among underserved populations.
  • Encouraging healthy habits: RHF strives to empower individuals to make healthy choices and live active lifestyles.


Rainier Health & Fitness is a valuable asset to the South Seattle community. They provide affordable fitness options, promote healthy habits, and foster a sense of belonging for all.

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