Love and Separation – When the Other Person Insists on Bothering You

If you have made your www cbd boss us and you see that there is no meaning in your relationship, but the other person doesn’t accept the separation, you have to be severe.

Show the other person that they don’t have the right to suffocate you.

They tell you that they are going to die without you and they try to put pressure on you; they want to oblige you to stay with them, go back, try again for a while, etc.

Don’t accept this pressure. Tell them that you are going to die too if you stay with them, because you need air, you need peace, you have to be alone and care about your own psychical health, because you feel that the relationship you had with them provoked a lot of damage and you are not happy with your life.

If you have seen that this relationship has no meaning, don’t play with the other person. Don’t accept to stay with them for a while again, only in order to have another separation later. Be decisive.

If you are not so sure about what to do, don’t do anything before being absolutely certain.

However, if you have already seen all aspects and concluded seriously that your relationship is not what you want and you are not happy, don’t keep going back, because this is worse.

Don’t let the other person persuade you with tricks, emotional games, etc.

They don’t have this right and in the end, they will be more hurt, because you will come to the same point again and things will be more difficult for both.

Everyone knows that a separation is traumatic and we suffer because we are used to the other person, we may still have feelings for them, and perhaps there are many points in their personality or in their style that we still like very much, but if we see that this relationship is not what we want and we are not going to find real peace and happiness this way, there is no point on insisting, only because the other person wants to continue.

You have your rights. And the other person won’t be happy with you if you are not happy with them. They cannot see this basic truth because they are in love, but you that do know it, have the obligation to show it clearly and never play with their feelings.


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